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What makes PUAH unique?
AnswerPUAH has a unique and versatile approach to building healthy families. PUAH advisors possess extensive knowledge of medical and mental factors affecting individuals suffering from infertility as well as the intricacies of halacha (Jewish law). We are dedicated to helping each and every client access the best care without ever compromising Jewish law. PUAH's expertise has been recognized by rabbis and medical professionals worldwide.
How much do PUAH services cost?
AnswerIn order to alleviate the heavy financial burden for individuals undergoing fertility challenges, every effort is made to minimize the cost of PUAH services. PUAH proudly provides fully subsidized invaluable services. These services are available thanks to our generous donors throughout the Jewish community worldwide. PUAH is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Does PUAH provide financial assistance to individuals undergoing fertility treatment?
AnswerPUAH has partnered with many labs across the world to create the PUAH Preferred Network. This partnership allows for discounted rates and concierge care for PUAH's couples. PUAH also has a fertility fund that helps qualified applicants navigate through this expensive journey. For more information about participating labs, the fertility fund, or discounted medication programs, please call the PUAH office at 888.993.7824 or email us at office@puahfertility.org.
Who turns to PUAH?
AnswerPUAH receives phone calls daily from callers across the entire world. Callers consist of rabbis, doctors, concerned family members or friends, and, of course, individuals experiencing their own fertility journey. Questions cover primary or secondary infertility, high-risk pregnancies, recurrent pregnancy loss, taharat hamishpacha, genetics, intimacy and more. Anyone with any questions and comments is encouraged to contact PUAH. All communications are completely confidential.
Does PUAH help the non-married individuals or only married couples?
AnswerPUAH is concerned for everyone regardless of their marital status. We receive daily enquiries regarding fertility preservation, (egg freezing) for single women. Serving the Jewish community is a privilege and all callers are welcome!
What are the most common issues that PUAH deals with?
AnswerIt is impossible to identify "the most common issues" due to the extremely wide range of questions that PUAH receives. Fortunately, PUAH has dealt with such a myriad number and broad spectrum of issues over the past 30 years that we are qualified to deal with a large variety of questions, including primary infertility, secondary infertility, male factor infertility, fertility preservation, high-risk pregnancy, recurrent pregnancy loss, genetics, taharat hamishpacha intimacy and more.
I heard that PUAH provides supervision. What is supervision and why is supervision necessary?
AnswerFor all fertility treatments that involve genetic material (sperm, ova, embryos) that may be used to achieve a pregnancy a halachic supervisor must be present. These supervisors are specially trained and are highly knowledgeable about the medical process as well as the relevant Jewish laws. All aspects of the lab work are overseen, including sample washing, centrifugation, freezing, and loading of pipettes. When samples need to be incubated or stored they are locked in dedicated incubators, storage tanks or in separate sections of a larger unit. An embossed seal is also affixed to ensure that no possible mistake can be made. To date, almost 50 mistakes have prevented by the PUAH supervisors worldwide. Each case is analyzed to improve future supervision. Click here for more information about supervision or to order supervision.
What does PUAH's educational program consist of?
AnswerProper education about fertility, medicine and halacha is important to help you and others on the path to building a healthy family. We offer a wide variety of courses, lectures and seminars for couples, medical professionals and rabbis, as well as the community at large. Click here to learn more.
What is the best way to donate to this important organization?
AnswerThank you for your willingness to help the Jewish people! Your generous gift transform tears of sadness into tears of immeasurable joy! Please click here to bring a baby into this world!
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